Benchachinda Holding Co., Ltd.

Benchachinda Group, a group of companies, has engaged in telecommunication businesses for more than 50 years by the team of experienced management. Benchachinda Group determines to utilize the expertise to render the best quality service and enhance efficiency alongside Thai telecommunication industry.

Benchachinda Group comprises with core strategic business units which include Broadband ; Network Solutions; Distribution; and Content.


“Truth Broadband Experience”

  • United Information Highway Company Limited (UIH)
  • BB Broadband Company Limited (BBB)
  • BB Connect Company Limited (BCN)

 Network Solutions

 “Thailand’s Most Experience”

  •  United Telecom Sales and Services Company Limited (UTEL)
  • BB Technology Company Limited (BBTEC)


 “Best in Class”

  • United Distribution Business Company Limited (UD)
  • Top Up 4U Company Limited
  • BB Content and Multimedia Company Limited (BBC)


 “Content for Life”

  • INN Press Company Limited (INN)
  • Game Indy Company Limited (Game Indy)


Benchachinda Group also invests in several companies to expand business opportunities in various areas including, network security service, wireless internet access and game online.