To enhance employee health, knowledge and competency which are the key contributions to Benchachinda Group’s sustainable success, the Group has committed its resources to develop employees in the areas of knowledge, skills as well as physical and mental health. The development efforts span programs on Function Training and Business. The Function Training Programs focus on developing employees’ skills, knowledge, and capabilities according to their core and functional competencies so they can apply what they have learned to their work. The programs cover topics on Engineering, sales and marketing, personnel, purchasing, distribution, accounting, and computer.

We offer a fair compensation to fulfill our employees’ contribution, effort, and integrity.

Social Insurance

This fund is founded for our employee in case of sickness, giving birth, deforming or dead which are not caused by working.

Compensation Fund

This fund is founded for the employees who get sick or get lost due to working.

Provident Fund

Employees will benefit from the fund after the retirement, the fund is required company and employees.

Health Insurance

Provides comprehensive coverage up to reasonable and necessary amounts to our employees. Employees are opted to extend the coverage of their family. 

Life Insurance and Accidental Insurance
Provides comprehensive coverage through 24 hours a day to our employees

Medical Check-up

Offers our employees annual medical check-up by a well-qualified hospital. 

First Aid Room

Provides first aid room and common household remedy for employees in case of primary accident or sickness

Dental Care

We take good care of our employees’ dental health by Benchavej dental clinic in Benchachinda building with free of charge.

Training inside and outside the company

We believe that good employees will lead to the achievement of the company. Therefore, we open the opportunity for employees to increase their knowledge and proficiency at work by providing training program both inside and outside the company. 

Benchamitr Cooperative Saving Account of Benchachinda Group

Set up to be financial benefits of employees in Benchachinda group who are the members without expecting to get any profit as well as proceeding the business in 3 dimensions, collecting money monthly, loaning and depositing. 

Employees’ Fund

Offers fund for employees in case of being ordained, getting married, giving birth, general harm and danger or dead. 

Housing Fund (The Government Housing Bank)

We have a deal with the Government Housing Bank in terms of loan for housing for our employees to pay lower loan interest than others 


We have many books and VCD for employees to rent with no charge. 

Privilege for employees to buy company’s products

Offer discount rate for employees to buy telecommunication products such as mobile phone, Wireless MODEM, ROUTER and other accessories from the company, employees’ contribution, effort, and integrity