ZTE announced to penetrate into Thailand market with full product range smartphones, starting with 5 entry and mid tier affordable smartphones

By BCG Admin

ZTE Corporation (ZTE), a world leading service provider in communication and integrated information solutions delivering innovative technology and product solutions to telecom operators, governments and corporate customers in more than 160 countries, recently set up ZTE offices and teams in Thailand, announcing the introduction of innovations and technologies that ZTE specializes in, especially 5G, into ZTE smartphones to consumers in Thailand in all smartphone market segments.  The company joins forces with 2 leading distributors, both VST ECS (Thailand) Co., Ltd. and YA Sales and Services Co., Ltd. in the Benchachinda Group to distribute ZTE smartphones covering all channels nationwide.  ZTE aims to capture 5% of the smartphone market share within 3 years with smartphones from ZTE, Nubia, and Redmagic. Five new smartphones were launched -- ZTE Blade A31plus, ZTE. Blade A51, ZTE Blade V30 Vita, Axon 30 5G and Redmagic 7 starting only from 2,599 baht.

Mr.Shawn Pei, General Manager of Mobile Device Thailand, ZTE Corporation, disclosed that In 2021, ZTE’s consumer business, which is one of 3 main businesses, apart from the operator network business for private organizations and government sectors, has grown 60% over the previous year and the revenue from exporting products to foreign countries has grown up to 50%. For the continued expansion of such business, the company has a policy to expand the market to foreign countries. Thailand is one of the markets where ZTE sees opportunities and potential for smartphones that have become one of the key factors in the New Normal daily life.

“Thailand is an interesting market and ZTE has focused on entering the market this time. The situation of the epidemic of the covid-19 virus from past until now has impacted to the change of consumer behaviors in Thailand. There has been an increasing use of smartphones in daily life, especially ordering products through e-commerce platforms which has been increasing. This is clearly reflected in the number of e-commerce users in Thailand that grow at an average of 15% every year and the proportion of online shopping users via mobile phones was increased up to 70%. Marketing campaigns to attract consumers to use the service on 5G networks from mobile operators has made good quality 5G smartphones at an affordable price is now in demand. Moreover, new smartphone users are also a segment that is still in high demand as the entry-level smartphones available in the market still lack quality products,” said Mr.Shawn.

The direction of ZTE's smartphone business in Thailand comes with a product strategy that will join forces with the company's smartphone brands, including ZTE, Nubia, and Redmagic,  to offer a wide range of quality products as well as other products in ZTE eco-system to the market. With strategic marketing plans to build brands through offline and online marketing communications and public relations, ZTE also attaches great importance to distribution channels, which will the Omni-Channel channel.  The company has distribution partners from 2 leading distributors, namely VST ECS (Thailand) Co., Ltd. and YA Sales and Services Co., Ltd. in the Benchachinda Group to help distributing ZTE smartphones across all channels nationwide. ZTE aims to capture 2% smartphone market share in 2022 and increase to 5% within three years.

Mr.Prapaprot Puprasert, Managing Director, YA Sales & Services Co., Ltd. in Benchachinda Group said that YAS is a distributor and shipper of smartphones with long experience and covering all distribution channels in Thailand. Importantly, YAS has vision and goals that are consistent with ZTE's market in Thailand. YAS has been appointed as the distributor of smartphones for ZTE in the Northeast, Eastern Region, Bangkok and metropolitan provinces for both distributing mobile phone stores and online channels in those areas in total number of distribution channel partners in the aforementioned area are more than 3,500 partners. With the readiness of standardized and modern management systems, experienced and quality team, good relationship with local partners and the market that still lacks a quality smartphone in entry level, the company is confident that smartphones from ZTE will be well received by the market, especially 5G and entry-level smartphones.

ZTE Corporation has expertise and leading in innovation and transform 5G globally.  This lays the foundation for to digital transformation both economically and socially in order to promote and encourage new innovations in the overall country and the world. While such networked devices like smartphones are the key factor in making it easier for consumers to access the technology and connect online for their daily live. Since 1998 when ZTE Mobile Phone Research and Development Team has set up until now, the company has continuously applied innovations and technologies to product development. With a vision “To enable connectivity and trust everywhere”, and a mission “To connect the world with continuous innovation for a better future” to enable users around the world to enjoy all-around communication, including voice, data, multimedia and wireless broadband.

ZTE has introduced 5 new smartphones as follows:


1.ZTE Blade A31 Plus: 6’ screen, 8MP main AI camera with LED flash. 5MP rear camera, 3000mAh battery supporting 10W charging, Google Assistant support, 2 SIM slots (Nano SIM) 4GLT, RAM 2GB ROM 32 GB at 2,599 baht

2.ZTE Blade A51: 6.5” HD+ screen, 2 rear cameras --13MP + 2MP with LED flash, front camera 5MP, 3200mAh battery supporting 10W charging, Google Assistant support, 2 SIM slots (Nano SIM) 4GLT, RAM 3GB ROM 64GB at 3,699 baht

3.ZTE Blade V30 Vita: 6.75” 90Hz HD+ waterdrop screen, 2 AI real cameras --48MP + 2MP with LED flash, 8MP front camera, 6000mAh battery supporting 22.5W charging for quick charge, Google Assistant support, 2 SIM (Nano SIM) 4GLT, ROM 4GB RAM 64 at 4,999 baht and ROM 4GB RAM 128 GB at 5,299 baht

4.Axon 30 5G: 6.92” FHD+ AMOLED screen, Qualcomm® Snapdragon 870 shipset, ZTE MyOS11 on Android 11 platform, 4 rear cameras --64MP + 8MP + 5MP + 2MP with flash, 16MP front camera, 4200 mAh battery supporting 55W quick charging, 2 SIM slots (Nano SIM), 5G, is expected to be marketed both ROM 8GB RAM 128 GB model and ROM 12GB RAM 256 GB model at approximate 12,990 baht and 17,990 baht respectively. 

5.Redmagic 7: 6.8” 165Hz High Refresh Rate Gaming Screen, 720Hz multi-finger touch sampling rate, Qualcomm® Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset, and cooling system, 2 SIM slots (Nano SIM), and 4500 mAh battery supporting 65W fast charging which is suitable for gamers. Redmagic 7 will be available in 3 models -- SUPERNOVA ROM 18GB RAM 256GB, รุ่น PULSAR ROM 16GB RAM 256GB, and OBSIDIAN ROM 12GB RAM 128GB at approximate 31,990 baht, 28,990 baht, and 24,990 baht respectively. 



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